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Born in Houston, Texas in 1955, I moved to Pensacola, Florida, right after high school, returning to attend the University of Houston six months later. In 1976 I decided Encinitas was the place to be, and I landed at the north end of Neptune Ave in Leucadia. I feel very fortunate to have lived next to Grandview Beach with an unobstructed ocean view for 20 years. In 1981 I formed a clothing company called Mugsea Actionwear, which I sold in 1989. At it's peak, we had 127 surf shops, multiple sporting goods stores and the US Navy selling our merchandise.

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In 1989, I returned to school at SDSU, and worked as a carpenter to get me through school. I got both my general contractors license and my California real estate license in 1989, as well. After graduating from college, I worked as a real estate agent for Coldwell Banker, and in 1999 I moved from Leucadia to Cardiff. At that time I started buying houses in Encinitas and Cardiff that needed work.

To date, the Cardiff homes I designed and built include 1364/1364 A Summit Ave, 1566 Rubenstein Ave (Casa Campana) and 1849 Oxford Ave. In 2018 I became a Real Estate Broker and formed the Tiger/Bobo Real Estate Company in 2019.

1364 Summit

1364/1364A Summit Ave

1566 Rubenstein

1566 Rubenstein Ave

1849 oxford

1849 Oxford Ave

Since 2002, I have been involved in over 100 Cardiff real estate transactions, and in 80% of those sales I represented sellers in the Walking and Composer Districts of Cardiff.

I have also been involved in making Cardiff a better place to live. After reading an article in the local Rotary Club paper about how conducive it was to walk in Cardiff, I coined and promoted the term "Walking District". Since the Composer District already had its name, I felt the area south of Birmingham and west of the 5 would become more popular if it had its own name. Since then, the Walking District has become synonymous with that part of Cardiff. 

I was also the only real estate agent that participated in and donated to the Cardiff Kook statue. Though controversial, I am convinced that any kind of visual art has the ability to sooth the soul, and the Cardiff Kook has certainly become bigger than the art itself.

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